Yule winter solstice

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Yule winter solstice 


21 December we celebrate Midwinter - Wintersolstice or YULE. It is the shortest day of the year and has the longest night in the northern hemisphere.  It is the invitation to find the light and sparkle in yourself and connect with the deep dreams of your soul. From today on the days become longer and the sunlight slowly returns in longer days. traditionally this day of inner light is celebrated by means of different rituals. Just think of a candle in a dark room. It lights up the whole room.  You can make contact with your inner fire again and take care of it like the Olympic flame. 

Yule - Winter Solstice 

The name Solstice means: The sun stands still.  From this point on, the days become longer again and we celebrate the returning light on earth. We celebrate the light within ourselves and the light on earth during Yule . The light stands for warmth, optimism, joy, connection, hope, wishes and life. The celebration of king "sun

Coniferous trees keep their needles in winter and therefore symbolise eternal life. 
"Holly" were sacred to the Druids. They give the earth spirits a protection during the harsh winter. Mistletoe is considered a herb for fertility and immortality. The coniferous tree was seen as the place where the king of the forest lived. Many rituals were performed around the coniferous tree. It was painted with natural ingredients and decorated with flowers. 


Yule fire 

On the evening of Yule, wood is collected from 9 sacred trees. Oak is central to this because it stands for strength and a long life. The fire is a symbol for the returning sun. After the fire was extinguished, the ashes were collected and wrapped in a garment. This package was put under the pillow and would provide for prophetic dreams for the next year. Part of the wood of the fire is kept for the following year. 

Create your own Yule fire ceremony.
- 5 candles for each wind direction and 1 for the centre.  


Open wind directions:

Guardians/Spirits/ Keepers of the East. we welcome the shortest day. We ask you to celebrate together the returning light and a new beginning.  May the spirits of the air bless us with the winds of winter. Heal & welcome. 


Guardians/Spirits/ Keepers of the South we honour the return of the beautiful light. The lengthening of the days comes to us. May the spirits of fire bless our home and heart. Heal & welcome!


Guardians/Spirits/ Keepers/ Grandmothers of the West. May the longest night bring us deep insights and lead us to our inner fire. May the spirits of water, which comes in many forms, bless us with purity and grace. Heal and welcome!


Guardians/Spirits/ Keepers of the North may we release what is past and may we remember our source and embrace the silence. We ask for your blessing to remember the intuitive way in purity and love, just like the northern star. Heal and welcome! 


You can leave the YULE fire at the centre of this ceremony and ignite the fire after the opening of the wind directions. This can also be done in a fireplace or with a candle in the middle. 
Always be careful with fire. 


Good luck charm gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Yule log or candle
Dried pink rose petals ( love)
Dried lavender (rest and peace)
Dried basil ( protection)
Dried mint leaves ( prosperity)
Dried echinacea ( health)
Scissors and a pen 

Take a block of oak and decorate it with the dried leaves, possibly ribbons, pines, holly. Make a hole in the middle and insert the candle. Write on a note a wish for the person for whom it is and fold the note. Tie it to the ribbon. 


Green Green Green

To honour the enduring winter bloomers and to use them as a symbol for the infinite life you can create a work of art made of greenery. Like a wreath or an altarpiece that you decorate with e.g. pine, spruce, holly and decorate it with dried slices of (orange) apple, clove, cinnamon sticks, pine cones. 



Make plans for the coming year: what are your goals and wishes? Burn a candle for every wish or purpose to reinforce your intention. Sing your intentions and plans. Midwinter is the time of the year to let plans be born, pronounce them and make them known. Singing is an old magic act. By singing your goals and plans you give them extra strength.



Yule candles

In the dark of Midwinter, fire is important. It gives light and warmth and the symbolism of Midwinter is about the return of light and warmth. Welcome the sun by making fire.
Make your own ritual candles and write your wish or intention in them by carving a word, seal or symbol. Now rub your candle with oil and then with cinnamon powder. You will see that the powder remains in the cervical cavity, so that you can clearly see what you have put in it. Burn this candle every day from midwinter onwards for 12 days!
Cinnamon attracts prosperity and gives protection.
*source www.lunadea.nl 
* Make your own candles: www.spiri.nl. 

 Bind your wishes

Around Midwinter you notice that the year is coming to an end and you start thinking about the new year. Take three ribbons and write on one ribbon a wish for the world, on the second one a wish for someone else and on the third one a wish for yourself. Tie the ribbons in a tree and think of the wish that is on it. Try to see in front of you how your wish comes true and to feel how you would feel if the wish became true.


Weighing The loving Christmas presents: 

In Scandinavian countries, the little gnome, the house gnome, knew that in the cold dark days of Advent, people yearn for some extra points of light.
and that the experience 'I've been thought of' gives warmth and light to people. Wichtelen goes like this: on Saint Martin's Day (11 November) you draw lots with your family, your colleagues or whoever you want to go wichtelen. Whoever is on your ticket is the one for whom you will be the secret, invisible little guy who can't see you until Christmas. As a bouncer or woman, you use your own creativity and originality to occasionally surprise the person you are bouncing for with a little attention. It is not about big things, but about the power and warmth of the little one.
Source: www.lunedea.nl 


20 or 24 December Mothers Night Mōdraniht 

Celebrated on 24 December or the eve of the Winter Solstice
Also known as Mutter Night, Modranect, Mother's Night, Mother's Night
Mōdraniht was a Saxon and Anglo-Saxon festival that took place on the eve of Yule. that the "mothers" may have been ancestral Goddesses.
Goddess Freya (fertility/woman) is worshipped here as a symbol of fertility.
And on December 25th, God Suna (male sun) is honoured as a masculine strength. 

Mothers Night is a great opportunity to honour the female ancestors, as well as ancestral Goddesses, line of women, grandmothers ( the whole line of women).


Take a bath or shower with deliciously scented oil and connect with the water element ( baptism).
Give yourself a deliciously fragrant oil massage and put on a beautiful dress.

Light a candle for everyone in the women's line.
1 mother
2 grandma
3 great-grandmother
4 all grandmothers before that
5 all wise grandmothers and goddesses
6 Mother Gaia ( the earth) 

Pronounce the names out loud as a loving memory. 
And imagine that a beautiful bright light comes from the feminine line to purify your entire feminine line. Put 1 hand on your heart and 1 hand on your lower abdomen. Imagine that there is a bright Divine light: shekinah  (female goddess energy) comes through you and fills all the cells in your body. Ask if all wisdom may come to you purified and pure from the feminine lines, so that you may live this in the new year from trust, love and light. 

Thank all women and goddesses. 

Finish the ritual in your own unique way. 

December 24th is to celebrate the female energy.
 December 25th is to celebrate the masculine energy.
Dec 31st - Jan 1st is the perfect balance between the masculine and feminine energy. 





I wish you a beautiful YULE!

Love Jessica and Daisy 

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator 



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