Elemental Wisdom



A wonderful training in which you become acquainted with the wisdom of the elements from nature and how to apply them in your daily life / coaching. The training contains many wisdoms of the natives.

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Medicine wheel

In this training you will learn everything about the ancient medicine wheel and how to apply it in your daily life / training and coaching.





Womans Wisdom



A training for you as a woman!

A loving training that gives recognition to being a "woman". We tap into a source of deep wisdom and knowledge that we know but have never learned.
The Natives have women's circles in which people share this wisdom. In the training we bring this wisdom back to life in ourselves.
* Feminine life cycle
* Ayurveda & the woman
* Menstrual cycle & wisdom
* Natural birth control
* Getting & Being pregnant
* Transition
* Body wisdom
* Self love

Investment: 2 training days
150 euros per training day.


Meet your inner family:
Inner family & Communication


In this special session you get to know your inner family and enter into a pure communication with yourself. We retrieve the qualities of each family member through visualization and energy work and give them the right to exist in your life.
* Woman: grooming, empathy
* Man: Decisiveness, natural limitation
* Girl: Intuition & feeling
* Boy: Willpower and curiosity.
You learn to build in a natural filter (HSP) through the inner family and to communicate clearly with yourself and the outside world.

* The inner family
* Meditation: The way in.
* Inner child work & Energy
* Giving & guiding an inner family session with clients.
* Answers and communication from the inner family.

Day training: 175 euros






The old way of health doctrine Ayurveda means; Knowledge of life.
In this inspiring training you will learn the basics of Ayurveda and how to apply it in daily life.
Day training: 150 euros

The seasons:
Every season there is an Ayurveda & the season workshop.
Here you learn to stay healthy and in balance through nutrition, lifestyle and yoga according to the season.
(for this training the basics of Ayurveda are required)
1/2 day training: 75 euros

Yoga & Sound


A unique combination of relaxed Yin yoga and healing sounds.

I regularly give beautiful Yoga - Sound workshops at unique locations. Such as a Yurt, a grape greenhouse or on the beach. These workshops have a theme in which relaxation is found in Yin Yoga and deep tranquility in sound healing with drums, singing bowls, wind chimes and singing. These workshops can also be booked for private groups.


High sensitivity as a gift

In this two-day training you will learn what high sensitivity is, how to deal with it, use it as a gift and many tips, tricks and beautiful exercises to guide yourself and clients. This training is suitable for guiding both children and adults.
* Basic Safety & Grounding
* Nutrition & lifestyle for HSP from Ayurveda
* Meditation & visualization exercises
* The inner family & communication
* In conversation with emotions & feelings
* Body wisdom

Investment 250 euros for 2 days