Inner Travel compagnon 

"Nature always wheres the colors of the spirit"


Nature coaching

Together we go on a journey in nature to your inner world to live from your true nature. With  loving and clear guidance we look for the answers that are already present in you. Just like nature, everything that wants to be expressed in you may arise at a natural pace, according to an intrinsic motivation. Through the inspiring resources from nature, such as crossroads, hills or the soft sand, we tap into your source of body wisdom.
Nature helps you to come home to who you are inside.
"Trust your inner Voice to guide you the rest of the way."

Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


The old way of health doctrine Ayurveda means; Knowledge of life. Through a consultation and pulse diagnosis you will find out who you are by nature and where you currently stand.
In the consultation you will learn the basics about Ayurveda, tailor-made nutrition and lifestyle advice and home remedies to balance yourself.

at the bottom of this page you will find the video Ayurveda Selfcare is selflove



Inner family & Communication


In this special session you get to know your inner family and enter into a pure communication with yourself. We retrieve the qualities of each family member through visualization and energy work and give them the right to exist in your life.
* Woman: care, empathy, healing power
* Man: Decisiveness, natural limitation
* Girl: Intuition & feeling
* Boy: Willpower and curiosity.
You learn to build in a natural filter (HSP) through the inner family and to communicate clearly with yourself and the outside world.

Live your spirit


In this beautiful coaching process you will become acquainted with the path of your spirit. The focus is to align body, mind and soul and thus live your spirit in a joyful way on earth.
Together we walk the path of (self) confidence, freedom, joy through old native wisdom such as the Aboriginals, Indians and Buddhists. You activate a healthy decisiveness to gain the experiences in this life what your spirit wants to experience and will bring. Before the session, I tune in to your energy so that we touch exactly what is needed at that moment in the session.

Sessions can include:
* Basic safety & Earth connection
* Ayurveda nutrition & lifestyle
* Inner family & Communication
* Recognize the voice of Spirit
* Medicine wheel: create clarity.
* Communicate with feelings
* Body wisdom
* Healing with the drum

Telephone Coaching



Telephone coaching is the solution if you are on the road a lot and would like to receive supportive, clear coaching and a flawless mirror.

This form is also very suitable for follow-up coaching and energy management.

Investment: 1 euro per minute.


You can find more workshops & training courses for great development on the following page:

Topics that can be discussed in a coaching:

* Desire for rest & relaxation
* Inner freedom
* Vitality
* A loving relationship with yourself
* Body wisdom
* Your unique life path
* Clear inner communication
* work with your talents
* Being grounded in yourself and living from spirit.
* HSP as a gift
* Inner family
* Relationships
* family patterns and setups
* Dealing with loss

I like to take plenty of time for the sessions and therefore recommend a half day for a session of 2 to 3 hours.

Intake: 50 euros
75 euros per hour
Per 1.5 90 euros
2 hours: 140 euros
3 hour session: 180


Ayurveda Selfcare is Selflove