" Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious and accept who you are " 


My Yoga journey 


Since 2010 I have come into contact with yoga. I can say that my life has changed completely since this meeting. After a few lessons, I slowly began to understand and listen to my body wisdom. Meditation helped to create peace and space in my head. I have found my inner freedom through this. From my new base I started to take steps towards a life in freedom. On my travels I followed a meditation training in a monastery in Nepal, completed a Vinyasa yoga training in Bali and learned the Ho'oponopono in Hawaii. In the Netherlands I continued to study Yin Yoga and various meditation techniques. This resulted in Studio Be-Senze for yoga, coaching and Ayurveda. I sold these in 2018 to follow my heart and continue to work in freedom as a freelancer.
During my travels I have included various meditations and channelings (messages from guides). Below you will find some free yoga and meditations for you.







Yoga is an ideal way to reconnect with yourself, so that you can and may be yourself anywhere.

Yoga means unity through connection.
Through yoga you make a connection between body, mind and soul. And you can listen better and better to your body wisdom. By practicing yoga you get closer to yourself through meditation, breathing exercises and different postures and, above all, life becomes more fun, inspiring and authentic. You can go to Miss Gypsy for:

* Private Yoga
* Business yoga
* Yoga workshops
* Children's yoga

 Yoga & Sound


A unique combination of relaxed Yin yoga and healing sounds.
I regularly give beautiful Yoga - Sound workshops at unique locations. Such as a Yurt, a grape greenhouse or on the beach. These workshops have a theme in which relaxation is found in Yin Yoga and deep tranquility in sound healing with drums, singing bowls, wind chimes and singing. These workshops can also be booked for private groups.


"Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom." James Allen

Personal meditations:

Would you like to receive a personal meditation? maybe you want some clarity about a certain topic on healing on a body part. After talking to you and seeing a picture, I take the time to tune in to your energy and what you need now. You will receive the recorded meditation within a few days.
Investment in personal meditation:
Meditation: 25 euros
Healing meditation: 45 euros


Meditatie & Yoga presents 

Ochtend meditatie: 

Jessica Van Der Ende Opladen In De Ochtend Meditatie
Audio – 32,9 MB 591 downloads

Yin Yoga voor ontspanning 

Flow Yoga

Yoga om te aarden 

Flow Yoga