Train the trainer

I found Jessica's trainer very special and valuable. I found that her energy as a trainer made me very happy and pulled me out of my comfort zone. He is a beautiful, sweet, sensitive person that I learn a lot from.


Nature coaching

Jessica even feels without words where my cause is, why I get stuck. The solutions she offers feel like opening a door that I knew was there but couldn't find it.
After such a session, I have gained many insights and I experience clarity in my head.
While it often feels like I invented them myself.
But that wouldn't work without her help. The questions she asks, the feelings she emphasizes. . .
Thank you dear Jessica, with your help I have gotten my life back on track several times. Barbara


Coaching & Yoga

I have experienced beautiful coaching & yoga sessions with Jessica. when I got stuck she made sure that I could see clearly again. She guided me to my feelings and inner answers so that I could make my own choices again. I have been able to make decisions to continue on my path with clarity and confidence. Sabrina

Follow your Spirit

I needed some coaching, support and healing. Jessica turned out to be the right place; a warm bath in which my pain and sorrow could be looked at and felt with a lot of love, wisdom, knowledge and attention. Beautiful and inspiring conversations, refreshing and healing insights and physical and mental transformation is what happened to me during the coaching sessions. Each session feeling again what I needed and what could help and could be handed to me at that moment. From yoga to healing, from marma to working with stones, from mind mapping to feeling and deepening. Jessica has an enormous treasure chest of wisdom, knowledge, influences from different cultures and beliefs and with her sensitivity and (people) knowledge she feels what is needed. In addition, she also checks in with you the days after the session to ask how it is going, which also gives yourself the opportunity to feel how it works and what it does for you during the session. Enthusiastic, passionate, wise and sparkling, that's how I would describe Jessica. Mabel

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Joern Fiebig
3 years ago

very heart-warming energy and message, and Jessica truly lives, what she shares and teaches.. I can highly recommend her!