Miss Gypsy 

My name is Jessica van der Ende. I am a true nature lover and a sensitive globetrotter. Nature inspires me, shows me what it feels like to live at a natural pace, it feeds me through its wisdom and inspires me through the changing of the seasons. I have been able to travel through many countries, get to know ancient cultures and feel a deep love for ancient wisdom. With care and respect I collect these wisdoms to pass them on in my own way in these "modern" times. I do this through workshops, teachings, coaching, blogs and this website. Since 2016, camper Flow has come my way. It was love at first sight. Together with Miss Daisy we are in nature as much as possible to feed our Gypsy sparkles and with a little luck transfer them to others. In my work I use the wisdom from Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, Shamanism, Indians, Aboriginals and from Hawaii, where I am trained and inspired by. In a playful, loving and clear way I guide you with love and recognition to your true nature, inner voice and freedom. To live a joyful life.


Miss Daisy 


How nice to meet you this way! 
My name is Daisy. I am a Bordercolie and I was born on the 5th of October 2018.
I am a sweet, sensitive, adventurous dog who sees life as 1 big playground. I have been on a roadtrip since I was 7 months old. In this way I experience all kinds of things and my life is very varied. From hiking in the Pyrenees, swimming under waterfalls to guarding labyrinths in Ibiza. I am happiest when I am allowed to stroll in nature and run after balls on the beach.   I go along with nature coaching, provided everyone agrees. I am trained to listen well and always give a little extra love.  
Jessica and I found each other because Jessica's mother Lia picked me. She was incurably ill and wanted a buddy for the family. So I came to her with a special task. To inspire Jessica and everyone I come into contact with to be in the moment, to learn to play again and to let them feel what unconditional love is. I would like to meet you once in nature. 




Camper Flow 


I am a cool T4camper from 1996. My mission is to let everyone who gets in experience freedom on wheels.




Telefoonnummer: 06-41190994