Sound healing


Healing with sound Frequencies. The sounds of the drum, singing bowls, wing gongs and voice will put you in a state of deep relaxation. Which results in recovery and beautiful insights.

1 hour 85 euros
1.5 hours in combination with marma massage: 140 euros


Trauma Healing

An extensive healing of body - mind and soul.

The wisdom from the aboriginals to convert limiting beliefs from the mind into wisdom from the soul,

Clearing the emotional body with a marma massage from Ayurveda

and a wonderful healing method developed by Chief Dancing Thunder to retrieve old trauma and beliefs from cell memory and return them to their natural state.

costs: healing 3 hours 175 euros

Starconstellation Healing


A sparkling healing method developed by Chief dancing Thunder to remind cell memory that it is whole and light. The wisdom of your own cells is activated.

1.5 hours Cost: 95 euros

Medicine Wheel Healing

The medicine wheel is an age-old method from the natives to gain insights from the wind directions.

East: New beginning, spirit, birth
South: Manifesting, connections
West: Natural medicine and healing
North: Insights, contemplation, mind / source

In this session you will get to know your personal medicine wheel and you will receive insights and answers from within.

2 hours: 150 euros.